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    1. Uruguay's Minister of Agriculture and his party visited Sundiro Holdings

      In mid-May, during the SIAL Food Exhibition (Shanghai), at the kind invitation of Sundiro, Mr. Fernando Mattos, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, and his party visited Sundiro Holdings.

      On the morning of May 16th, Mr. Fernando Mattos, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, arrived in Lujiazui, Shanghai with Uruguayan Ambassador to China and Uruguayan Consul in Shanghai. Ma Honghan, President of Sundiro Holdings, Zhang Hong, Minister of Food Division and Jiang Qi, Minister of Capital Operation, received and attended the meeting.

      The two sides of the meeting exchanged ideas around overseas factories. The meeting pointed out that Sundiro, as a listed company, should assume basic social responsibilities and pay special attention to food safety. Uruguayan beef is tender and of excellent quality, and will spare no effort to promote Uruguayan beef to consumers in China in the future. The meeting emphasized that the overseas factories in Sundiro will actively explore the international market while actively promoting them in China; In order to improve professionalism and promote further cooperation and exchanges, in the future, Sundiro will organize relevant personnel to study and exchange in Uruguay factories. Uruguay's Minister of Agriculture said that relevant departments in Uruguay will actively cooperate with the factory and hope that Chinese-funded enterprises in Uruguay can achieve good benefits.




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