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    1. [Wujiu coal group] a meeting of cadres

      On October 25th, Wujiu Coal Group held a cadre meeting, announcing the decision of the leadership adjustment: according to the work needs, the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors of Wujiu Coal Industry Group elected Comrade Cai Jun as the director and chairman of Wujiu Coal Industry Group and Comrade He Ni, for personal reasons, no longer holds the post of director and chairman of Wujiu Coal Group.


      Shi Haibo, vice chairman of the company, was entrusted by the shareholders to read the decision. General Manager Han Zhi and other team members and heads of various units and departments attended the meeting.


      At the meeting, He Ni said that during the 13 years of work in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the most gratifying thing is that through the unremitting efforts of all cadres and employees, the enterprise has made great progress; The most memorable thing is to work with the cadres and employees to overcome difficulties and climb the slopes; The most touching thing is that Wujiu people always have the excellent qualities of diligence, simplicity, openness and tolerance; The most difficult thing to give up is the deep friendship with comrades. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to Wujiu Group, care about company as family, praise every achievement and applaud every progress of Wujiu, and sincerely hope that Wujiu will bring good news and a better tomorrow.


      Cai Jun expressed his gratitude for Comrade He Ni's contribution to the development of Wujiu Group over the years. He said that this opportunity as the chairman of the board represents the trust of shareholders and responsibility with new challenges. Our Coal Group has a history and culture of 65 years, and it is only through many generations' dedication that it has a good development situation today. Under the guidance of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we people should keep pace with the times, face difficulties, and continue to work hard according to the established goals. 'As soon as possible, I will be integrated into the big family of Wujiu, together with the cadres and employees, and do my best to continue a new chapter of the high-quality development of Wujiu Coal Group.'

      (Song Ying)

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