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    1. Wujiu Coal Group held a party to celebrate the "July 1st" and the 65 anniversary of the construction of the mine.

      On the evening of July 11th, Wujiu Coal Group held a grand cultural performance in the mining area cultural park to celebrate the "July 1st" and the sixty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the mine.  

      He Ni, vice president of Sundiro, chairman of Wujiu Group; Shi Haibo, vice chairman; Han Zhi, general manager, and other team members, cadres, employees, and their family members gathered to celebrate the birthday of Communist Party of China and bless the enterprise.  

      The performance began with instrumental ensemble “Prairie Children Miss Chairman Mao ". Twelve wonderful programs, such as male solo "Old Elder", Mongolian dance "Dream Back to the Prairie", erhu solo "Red Flag Canal Water Around Taihang", magic show "Glitter tree and Silver Flower" and dance "Ode to the Motherland", were staged in turn. With loud and beautiful tunes and dances, the performance came to a successful conclusion in the chorus "The Same Song".  

      This performance has prominent themes, distinctive features, and rich contents, which fully demonstrates the prosperity of Wujiu Coal Group's high-quality development and the rising happiness of employees' families. It expresses the infinite love and good wishes of cadres and employees and their families in the mining area for the party and the motherland, and present the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China(CPC) as well as the 65th anniversary of Wujiu Coal Group's mine construction.

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