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    1. Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions went to Wujiu Coal Group to carry out "send cool and heatstroke prevention" condolence activities.

      On July 26th, Aomuge, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied by Yue Xiaobo, party secretary and vice chairman of Hulunbeier Federation of Trade Unions, Yan Jingdong, deputy director of Yakeshi Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and chairman of Federation of Trade Unions and other leaders, went to Wujiu Coal Group to carry out a condolence activity of "welcoming the 20th National People's Congress and paying tribute to the workers".  

      Aomuge and his party came to the union of Wujiu Coal Group to learn more about employees' income, medical mutual insurance, cultural and sports activities and other production and living conditions. They visited and expressed their condolences to the cadres and workers' representatives who worked in the front line and sent their concern from the Trade Unions of the Autonomous Region. They expressed their condolences for everyone's persistence in high temperature and reminded everyone to enhance their awareness of self-protection and ensure safe production. At the same time, trade unions at all levels are required to implement the requirements of heatstroke prevention and cooling, create a comfortable working and living environment for employees, continuously improve service quality, and enhance workers' sense of security, belonging and gain. 

      The main leaders of No.5 Coal Group said that this cool-off activity reflected the concern and love of higher-level trade union organizations for coal mine workers, as well as the emphasis on labor protection in high-temperature seasons. The company will do work in detail, create a safe production environment, comfortable living conditions for employees against high temperature, protect employees' safety, and as presenting to the 20th National People's Congress with outstanding achievements.

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